MMQH: Social Security Strategy

Monday Morning Quick Hits

Today’s Monday Morning Quick hits topic is on a simple Social Security strategy that will help protect your identity. The Social Security Administration no longer mails paper statement to individuals who are under the age of 60. These statements include important information such as earnings history and future benefit projections. Instead, they are encouraging everyone to create an online My Social Security Account. Most individuals have not yet signed up, though. According to a survey taken by Mass Mutual, 86 percent of individuals ages 50 to 59 have not created an account, despite the fact that they will no longer be receiving statements in the mail. Not creating an online account can possibly create an opportunity for identity thieves to open up an account in your name. And they may even try to claim your hard-earned benefits under your record. If somebody has your social security number, then they would have a much easier time setting up an account under your name if you have not already set up your own account. You may be especially at risk if your personal financial information has already been compromised in an online breach.


To create an online account, you go to Once you have logged in with your username and password, you will also be prompted to enter a security code sent to you by phone or email. Once you are in your account, the first thing you should verify is that claims have not been made using your social security number. This is particularly important for those who are at retirement age. You should also verify that your earnings records are accurate. We recommend checking up on your social security benefits at least once a year, and even more so the closer you get to retirement. Sign up now and confirm your earnings records are accurate and that your account has not been compromised.


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