Predicting a Recession…

Lately, it seems as if the recession/ doom and gloom chatter has heated up a bit.  If you watch the news enough, there is no shortage of financial crises on the horizon.  When this article from Nick Murray popped up on our radar, I thought it was great timing to send out as a reminder that recessions and economic downturns are common, and yes, there will be one in our future, and probably several more depending on your age.  It’s an informative quick read on the history & magnitude of recessions here in the U.S., and the correlation they have to market downturns.

During times like these, our job is to make sure our clients stay the course in regards to their long-term goals and investment strategy we have put in place.  Making rash decisions in response to short-term events, or even worse, trying to time the market in preparation for something which we don’t know when or how will happen, can be extremely detrimental to one’s financial future.  This may sound like a broken record, but we feel strongly about relaying this message as much as possible.

We hope you enjoy the article, and as always, please call us if you have any questions or concerns.

Click to view article: Predicting a Recession

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